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I am currently a Lecturer/Assistant Professor in the School of Computer Science , at University of Galway (UoG) and an SFI Funded Investigator at the ADAPT and Lero SFI research centres.

I have a strong background in Big data Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Governance, Parallel and Distributed Systems, Edge/Fog/IoT Analytics, Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Security and Privacy. I design novel Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning techniques to enhance the capability and efficiency of complex systems, and I also leverage complex systems to improve the effectiveness, privacy and trustworthiness of Analytics/Machine Learning techniques

Previously, I have held the position of Lecturer/Assistant Professor in the School of Computing at Dublin City University (DCU).

I have also occupied the position of Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Irish Institute of Digital Business (IIDB, dotLab), School of Business, Dublin City University (DCU). My work was part of the RECAP Horizon 2020 project that focused on the design and development of the next generation of Cloud and Edge/Fog computing through optimisation, automation and simulation (simulation of large-scale Cloud and Edge-/Fog- Computing environments). I have also held the position of Post-Doctoral Researcher at the CONSUS research centre, University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland, in collaboration with Origin Entreprises PLC. I Applied machine learning techniques on real agriculture data to improve sustainable crop production and management techniques, which will lead to more efficient food production with lower environmental impacts.

I obtained my PhD thesis in Computer Science in Insight Centre for Data Analytics, UCD. I have finished my PhD within 3 years. My PhD topic was `Study of Distributed Dynamic Clustering Framework for Spatial Data Mining': I proposed and developed a new distributed data mining framework to analyse Big Data within reasonable response time and produce accurate results while dealing with issues of high performance computing.

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  • SFI COVID-19 Rapid Response Grant (∼€52k) Project “PRIVATT”(project successfully completed).
  • SFI Discover Grant (∼€50k) Project “AI in My Life Phase I": aims to produce courses in Privacy, Security and AI for 14-16-year-olds kids in disadvantaged schools in North Dublin (project successfully completed).
  • SFI Discover Grant (∼€50k) Project “AI in My Life Phase II": extention of AI in My Life Phase I nationally (ongoing project).
  • SFI Grant through the Lero-2 research centre (€250k) Project Ethics and Trusthwortheness of AI in the Public Sector (ongoing project).
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    Ph.D. (2018)

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